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The training, which was given for ten consecutive days, was completed with the provision of

certificates of participation for the trainees.

At the closing ceremony; Dr. Genanew Gofe, President of Salale University, offered the certificates to the trainees and the trainer. In his closing remarks, Dr. Genanew said, he believed that the trainees are equipped with various leadership and decision-making skills which are helpful for them to change their previous style of leading. He further stated that the trainees will change what they have achieved from the training into action.

The trainees, on the other hand, said that they gained noble knowledge during their stay at the training. On top of this, the trainees said this type of training should not be a one-time event and asked for other series of pieces of training.

Dr. Mitiku Bekele who provides the training said that since all the conditions were properly fulfilled, the training was effectively delivered. The active participation of the trainees was also excellent. Moreover; he said that the university will be able to achieve the vision set in a short period if these kinds of training are organized.

Finally, the trainees visited interesting historical places in the locality.


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