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The training was organized by the College of Social Science & Humanities, and 62 instructors selected from various departments of the University participated in the training.

Speaking at the opening of the training, Dr. Tsegaye Deyou, the Academic Affairs Vice President,

mentioned the efforts that are being done by Salale University for the preparations of the upcoming national higher education exit exams. Dr.Tsegaye emphasized that it is very significant that such awareness creation training is given to our instructors as they play a paramount role in contributing to the success of this exit exam and producing competent graduates. He further addressed, it requires all of the concerned body’s strong effort to initiate a sense of readiness of the students by understanding that the final result of our student is the result of all of us.

The two days of training were delivered by Ketema Haile (Ph.D.), Birhanu Asfaw(Ph.D.), and Mr.Tadesse Aragie. Subsequently, some questions, comments, and feed-backs concerning exit-exam-related issues were raised by participants and Mr.Hebtamu Atlaw, Dean of the College of social science and Humanities.

Finally, Mr. Ketama Joro, Vice Dean of the College of Social Science and Humanities appreciated the trainers & closed the event.

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The University of Kansas

Southern Medical University

Vellore Institute of Technology University of Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Saharsa Crop Science



Catholic Relief Service

Jiangsu University

Nelson Mandela University Netherlands Senior Experts Group Lebniz University



Indiana State University –USA

Ohio State University -USA

Geological Survey of Ethiopia National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center Entrepreneurship Development Center




STEM Power Ethiopia

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