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The College of Business and Economics is one of the core colleges of Salale University which was launched in the year 2016. It is located on the second floor of Block 07 at General Tadesse Biru Campus (Main Campus). The objective of establishing the College is to produce well-qualified manpower in the discipline of Business and Economics that could contribute towards the development of the country. The Bachelor of Art degree in college of Business and Economics’ programs requires three years of study for full time regular students and four years for part time (CDEP) students. The college has been implementing the nationally Harmonized Modular Curriculum.

Initially, the college has started by three programs: Accounting and Finance, Economics and Management in both regular and extension program, by having enrolled 116 regular students and 133 Extension students in three programs.  . In 2018, Marketing Management in regular program has been initiated. Therefore, currently the college is running four undergraduate regular programs. Also, the college is running continuing and distance education programs in the field of Accounting & Finance, Economics and Management.  Efforts are being made to further expand and launch both undergraduate and post postgraduate programs in the future. In addition to teaching, Scholars of this college are conducting problem solving research and they are delivering community service for surrounding community.  In 2018, four problem solving researches are conducting, and three community services are delivered for the community.  Besides this, to serve the community, to share surrounding community’ culture, norms and value society of college of business and economics is participated on cleaning and protection of environment in the fitche town.

Currently, College of Business and Economics is the home of 47 academic staffs of the University engaged in the core activities of teaching, Research and Community Services, and 2 supportive staffs. There are 1473 students enrolled in both regular and extension programs pursuing their studies towards the Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, management, marketing management and Accounting and Finance.  From total number of students 738 students are enrolled in regular program, and we have 112 graduate students of 2019.

The college is working very hard towards the improvement of the quality of education; and supplying highly qualified professionals to the government, academic, private and civil society organizations in main streams. Moreover, it endeavors to foster the culture of research among the academic and business universe to alleviate practical and foreseeable problems of the business community in particular and the general public at large. So, it is striving to become a Centre of excellence in the fields of Business and Economics nationally and internationally in producing qualified graduate.

Undergraduate Programs (Regular)
1.Accounting and Finance
4.Marketing Managememnt

Undergraduate Programs (CDEP)
1.Accounting and Finance




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