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Theme 1: Sustainable Development

  • Income distribution
  • Poverty reduction
  • Development policy analysis
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Urban and industrial development
  • Micro and small-scale enterprises development
  • Water and sanitation development
  • Human development (education and health)
  • Infrastructure development
  • Private sector development and its role in economic development
  • Food security and livelihood
  • Rural and Urban development
  • Gender and development
  • Population dynamics
  • Demand for and supply of agricultural inputs and their effectiveness
  • Diversification and Development of Tourist sites
  • Planning, project and program
  • Impact evaluation

Theme 2: Macroeconomic issue and policy

  • Employment and Unemployment:
  • Inflation:
  • The Trade Cycle:
  • Stagflation:
  • Economic Growth
  • Macroeconomic policy
  • Taxes, government spending and borrowing, exchange rate determinants, and monetary and credit rules.
  • Macroeconomic dynamics and stability
  • Sectorial and Spatial Linkage
  • Regional Income Accounting
  • Revenue and Expenditure
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment
  • Saving and Investment
  • Aid effectiveness
  • Environmental quality, energy consumption and economic growth
  • Illegal trade

Theme 3: Socio-economics of People

  • Household survey
  • Occupation
  • Income generation activities
  • Human capital
  • Living status of women headed household
  • Socio-economic data
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Sustainable cultural heritage tourism management
  • Economically empowering women
  • Job opportunity creation
  • Resettlement, migration and decentralization
  • Infrastructure development and tourism management
  • Community-based disaster and risk management
  • Market linkage and related activities for small and micro-enterprises

Theme 4: Natural Resource and Environmental issue

  • Climate change, and resilience strategies
  • Public health issues
  • Urban sprawl
  • Water pollution
  • pollution
  • Acid rain
  • Deforestation
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Natural resource depletion
  • Overpopulation
  • Global warming
  • Ozone layer depletion
  • Ocean acidification
  • Environmental degradation; Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Waste management
  • Optimal utilization of resource
  • Efficient allocation of pollution
  • Resource utilization
  • Economic values of park natural resources
  • Agents and Victims of Environmental degradation

Theme 5: Accounting and Finance

  • Finance and development
  • Financial Institution
  • Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance
  • The challenge for Ethiopia to develop an accounting standard setting body or adopt IFRS.
  • The use of accounting information for decision making
  • The status of record keeping in Ethiopia and the challenges ahead
  • Capital budgeting practices in Ethiopia
  • Cooperatives: challenges and opportunities
  • Performance audit,
  • Accounting and audit systems, standards, challenges and automation
  • Tax regulations and tax collection problems including illicit trade and human trafficking
  1. Financial Institutions
  • The roles of financial institutions
  • Development of Financial Institution
  • Empowerments of the women on micro finance
  • Out awareness of the society
  • Loan repayment aspects
  • Opportunities
  • Banking and Insurance services; regulations, performance, problems and development needs
  • Public finance, micro-financial/credit, cooperatives, unions or other institutions that support the production and marketing system (establishment, effectiveness, usefulness)
  • The need and importance of regulated financial markets
  • Limitations of banking, saving and insurance services
  • Determinants of loan repayment of small and microenterprises
  1. Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance
  • Tax regulations and tax collection problems including illicit trade and human trafficking
  • Tax regulation and taxation
  • Existing Tax system, Cause and consequence of tax evasion and avoidance
  • Determinants of tax avoidance
  • Prospects and challenges
  1. Performance audit,
  • Status of Record Keeping and the Challenges
  • Accounting and audit systems, standards, challenges and automation
  • The role of accounting in the performance and development of business
  • The professional status of internal auditing in Ethiopia
  • Assessment of the professional ethics of auditors/ accountants
  1. Capital budgeting practices in Ethiopia
  • Analysis of capital budgeting
  • Deposit mobilization
  • The need and importance of regulated budgeting system
  1. Cost Accounting and Practices
  • Establishing stock market in Ethiopia
  • Cost Accounting practice in manufacturing enterprises
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of internal control in public enterprise
  • Analysis of Financial performance of companies

Theme 6: Management

  • Leadership
  • Market, value chain management, and enterprise development
  • The challenges of managing organizations
  • BPR, BSC
  • Entrepreneurship: Micro and Small Business
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Employee satisfaction in the job environment
  • Service quality management and customer satisfaction
  • Value addition and supply chain
  • Effectiveness of Micro and small Enterprises
  • Effectiveness of plans and program
  • Effectiveness of cooperatives
  • Business ethics in micro, small, medium and large business establishments
  • Problems and challenges of service quality delivery.

Theme 7: Marketing Management

  • Livestock and livestock products marketing.
  • Pricing decision by the business community
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Advertising practices
  • Knowledge on marketing information systems
  • Agricultural products and Market access
  • Market Information Asymmetry.

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