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Community Service Directorate is one of the Directorates under Research and Community Service Vice President, Salale University (SLU). It is engaged to coordinate and supervise the provision of capacity building (quality training), consultancy services, and demand-driven development work projects. It also provides problem-solving technologies, knowledge, and meaningful community service via staff engagement in collaboration with various government sectors, industries, business organizations, development agencies and social institutions. The office is headed by the Director. There are also five Community Service Coordination Offices located under five Colleges.


  • To be a leading demand-driven community service provider in Ethiopia; and center of excellence in consultancy service in the field of improved dairy cattle production and processing, and improve the livelihood of the community by 2030.


  •  Offering relevant, demand-driven and accessible community based services.


  • To mobilize available resources (human and physical resources) for community services to be undertaken through strong linkage and partnership.
  • To disseminate the principle and output of community service which enable stakeholders to take part and make sound options for the community.
  • To encourage internal, national and international collaborations that foster community service and capacitate it.
  • To make community service programs transparent, effective and responsive to societal needs and serve, and utilize the community as learning environment.
  • To create conducive environment for the expansion and implementation of community service projects in line with the thematic areas.
  • To prioritize community service thematic agendas based on the societal problems and their nature.
  • To enhance and transfer of technology and services to the stakeholders.


  • Improve the livelihoods of the community by training competent and responsive professionals who can address the community’s problems through innovation.
  • Contribute to societal development by providing community based services.
  • Promote the principle of community participatory in the integrated regional and national developments irrespective of ethnicity, religion, sex, political background and etc
  • Strengthen partnerships and linkages with local, national and international institutions for the purpose of rendering community services.
  • Recognizing sound organizations and management systems for the accomplishment of its objectives through capacity building.







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