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Salale University Directorate of Continuing and Distance education endeavors to become the top ten leading University in the country in providing quality training or education to the vicinity community or community from anywhere else by 2025 G.C. 

1.Contributing educated man power in the capacity building of the country by increasing its hosting capacity in different education programs in the Continuing (weekend, evening, summer) and distance education programs in line with the regular programs.
2. Generating the university’s internal income by expanding the education services in different education programs

Main activities
To identify the educational needs of the Ethiopian people and to make provisions to meet these needs by proposing, in consultation with the appropriate college, programs leading to the University degrees and diplomas, organizing certificate programs, short courses, lectures, seminars or workshops, and related activities through the use of appropriate media.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Develop policies and guide lines and frame works to ensure the implementation of continuing and distance education programs by academic units;
2. Plan and coordinate the offering of education and training programs through the continuing and distance education, distance and ‘kiremt’ programs;
3. Organize, coordinate and implement graduate and undergraduate programs in continuing and distance education;
4. Work in consultation with relevant academic units and offices to develop strategies in the management of income generated through continuing and distance education as a part of community services;
5. Provide programs to enable professionals who may already degrees to advance their careers by acquiring supplementary skills or capabilities;
6. Coordinate all activities of continuing education programs;
7. Make continuing education accessible to everyone as a starting point for a lifelong learning process;
8. Develop, coordinate and implement more flexible programs compared to those executed at higher education institutions;
9. Ensure equal access to university academic resources for students enrolled in continuing and distance education programs;
10.Oversee the proper execution of rules and regulations of the university regarding teaching and learning process in the University’s extension, in-service and distance education programs;
11. Prepare budget plan and ensure its implementation when approved;
12. Develop and oversee the implementation of guidelines procedures and mechanisms for student success and reduction of attrition;
13. Collect, process, deploy and disseminate information and data in the form of catalogues on extension, in-service and distance programs;
14. Monitor and oversee the process of appointment of instructors for continuing and distance education programs as per the legislation and applicable laws;
15. Facilitate revenue collection from continuing and distance education related activities;
16. Authorize the signing of contact agreements and payment documents regarding continuing and distance education;
17. In addition, perform other activities that might be assigned by the VPAA.



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