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Education is a crucial tool of poverty eradication, a vehicle of sustainable development and an instrument in democratization and good government. With this understanding and conviction, the government has given a top priority in creating higher education access to all.

Based on this Salale University was established in 2016. Within this university, Ethics and Anti- Corruption Directorate is one of the Directorates which is established in the university. The Directorate prepared the Three years Strategic plan in2018 G C, from this plan the directorate prepared the 2018/19 annual plan and made discussion with the employee on it. Based on the annual plan, the directorate carried out different activities to protect corruption and administrative impediment..

The  mission of the Directorate

  • In collaboration with relevant bodies, to insure transparency and accountability in the University by promoting ethical and anti- corruption education, in  preventing corruption and impropriety

The vision of the Directorate

  • In 2025, by curbing corruption to the level where it cannot become an obstacle to learning and teaching process and good governance

The main objective of the directorate: 

  • attempt to create public employees who do not condone corruption, by promoting ethics and anticorruption education, work discipline, professional ethics  and sense of duty among teacher and employees:
  • preventing corruption and administrative impropriety in collaboration with university community.  

 Duties of the Directorate

To achieve these  objectives so far the Directorate carried out the following duties and responsibilities

  • transparency and accountability to combat corruption and administrative impropriety;
  •  Ensuing the proper implementation of  law, regulation and directive in the university;
  •  Receive and verify reports on ethical violations in accordance with the rule and directives of the University;
  •  Identify procedure that is exposed to corruption and administrative impropriety and recommended the way forward;
  •  scrutiny of  the quality service delivery in the University;
  •  Follow up measures taken based on its finding   of external or internal auditors as well as the reports of disciplinary and griever committees;
  •  Ensuring the teaching and learning process  is  free from un ethical activities;
  •  Monitoring and investigating all  illegal and un ethical activities and comments ;
  •  Make an arrangement for the proper implementation of ethical value;
  •  Be valid the   public servants ethical  principles  in the university;
  • where it believes that rules and procedures are violated, it  report to the president of the University with its recommendation on the rectification of the irregularities, and follow up the implementation.

Hence, the University civil servants are expected to focus on serving the community and the government, by checking and preventing corruption and administrative impediment. Besides, make decision and act in a fair and equitable manner, without bias or prejudice; and taking into account the merits of the matter and respecting the right of the citizens is worth mentioning. The directorate also tried best in collaboration with university community for the implementation of all aforementioned duties and activities.

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